Construction & Consultants
Sultan’s is operating since 2007 in "Corporate Business Horizon" of Pakistan with the "Dynamic Vision" of its management it became a trade mark of trust for global corporate culture. Sultan’s is fully competitive for market oriented trends and supported by the state of art technology with its multinational network.

Mission Statement
To provide "Total Solution" by the "State of Art Technology" for Construction/Renovation/Interior, Residential and Industrial Automation. Working with our client as their Partners to provide them customized and cost effective solutions with our slogan. "We are a different organization with total customized solutions and no compromise on Quality"

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Sultan’s Is a company with global vision Sultan’s is operating since 2007 in "Corporate Business Horizon" of Pakistan with the "Dynamic Vision" of its management it became a trade mark of trust for global corporate culture. Sultan’s is fully competitive for market oriented trends and supported by the “State of Art Technology”. Sultan’s consist of energetic, spirited, and devoted professional in respective fields of interests. As such they constitute a strong team, capable of competently tackling of assignments effectively and can ensure their economical execution. The personnel in the firm have varied and vast experience in their respective fields. This blend of professional disciplines, combining the technology of engineering, the vision of interior designing, the assessment of planner and the appraisal of the economist, provide an integrated approach to find optimum and sustainable solutions to the challenges. Emphasis on efficient management of each project from planning through design, construction and take-off assures the client of satisfactory completion of work and commissioning of the project on schedule. The company aims at finding the most economical solution through the use of latest and sophisticated design techniques and makes extensive use of modern computer software for the preparation of bills of quantities, contract documents, cad design, scheduling, cross and long sections etc. Services of associates, specializing in different fields of Architecture, Engineering, Planning, and economics are available for supplementing the company’s expertise.
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