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L throughout; os—no light perception. viagra coupon discount Black field. Dilated fundus exam: od—normal fundus; os—grade 3 papilledema with palor (see figure 3) figure 1: multiple café au lait spots figure 2: axial pigmentation and freckling was apparent on exam figure 3: papilledema and palor of the optic disc are observed on this photo of the disc in the patient's left eye. The disc margins are blurred with partial obscuration of the vessels. Course: in summary, this is an 8 year-old patient with a known history of nf1 now with acute awareness of complete vision loss, os, with associated optic disc pallor and edema. Magnetic resonance imaging (mri) of the head and orbit was obtained to investigate a possible optic nerve or intracranial tumor. buy cheap viagra A well-circumscribed, fusiform enlargement of the left optic nerve was revealed on mri. youtube viagra video The margins of the tumor appeared smooth and there was no calcification. The mass is isointense on t1, hyperintense on t2, and enhances with contrast (see figures 4 and 5). Figure 4 4a: mri, t1 coronal section reveals circumscribed enlargement of the optic nerve, os, with an isointense signal. buy generic viagra review 4b: t2 imaging in a similar coronal plane reveals hyperintense signaling of the mass that is contained within the dura of the optic nerve, os. Figure 5 5a: this axial, post-contrast image demonstrates enhancement of the fusiform, kinked shaped optic nerve tumor. 100mg viagra street value 5b: in this axial flair image, the fusiform image of the optic nerve tumor is again seen. yahoo answers buy viagra online Also here evident are several enhancing lesions in the midbrain and cerebellum, consistent with the classic hamartomatous cns neurofibromas of nf1. cheap generic viagra Findings on mri confirmed the suspicions of an optic nerve "glioma" as well as the several previously noted cns hamartomatous lesions. Definitive confirmation of the mass as a pilocytic astrocytoma (the correct name for these "gliomas") would require biopsy and appropriate histopathology. However, the eye is already without light perception, it is non-painful, and the lesion appears to be limited to the optic nerve without intracranial extension. The family decided not to pursue a biopsy at this time. Puedo tomar 40 mg viagra Serial imaging will be obtained in follow-up examinations to ascertain that the tumor does not extend intracranially. viagra cheap buy canada Discussion neurofbromatosis is a rare condition characterized by hamartomas of neural crest origin (phakomatosis). buy viagra online without script The condition is autosomal dominant, though spontaneous new mutations are not uncommon. buying viagra on line The national institutes of health (nih) divide neurofibromatosis into type 1 (nf1 or von recklinghausen syndrome) and type 2 (nf2, acoustic neurofibromatosis, or central neurofibromatosis). viagra kaufen in der schweiz Only ~10% of nf patients have nf2, which is associated with bilateral acoustic neuromas/schwannomas. viagra girl The defect in nf2 is on chromosome 22q. buy viagra In addition to acoustic neuromas, nf2 patients frequently have ependymomas of the spinal cord or multiple meningiomas. viagra wholesale 85% of patients with neurofibromatosis suffer from nf1, si. cheap viagra online viagra coupon discount Sultan’s
Sultan’s is operating since 2007 in "Corporate Business Horizon" of Pakistan with the "Dynamic Vision" of its management it became a trade mark of trust for global corporate culture. Sultan’s is fully competitive for market oriented trends and supported by the state of art technology with its multinational network.

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To provide "Total Solution" by the "State of Art Technology" for Construction/Renovation/Interior, Residential and Industrial Automation. Working with our client as their Partners to provide them customized and cost effective solutions with our slogan. "We are a different organization with total customized solutions and no compromise on Quality"

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Sultan’s Is a company with global vision Sultan’s is operating since 2007 in "Corporate Business Horizon" of Pakistan with the "Dynamic Vision" of its management it became a trade mark of trust for global corporate culture. Sultan’s is fully competitive for market oriented trends and supported by the “State of Art Technology”. Sultan’s consist of energetic, spirited, and devoted professional in respective fields of interests. As such they constitute a strong team, capable of competently tackling of assignments effectively and can ensure their economical execution. The personnel in the firm have varied and vast experience in their respective fields. This blend of professional disciplines, combining the technology of engineering, the vision of interior designing, the assessment of planner and the appraisal of the economist, provide an integrated approach to find optimum and sustainable solutions to the challenges. Emphasis on efficient management of each project from planning through design, construction and take-off assures the client of satisfactory completion of work and commissioning of the project on schedule. The company aims at finding the most economical solution through the use of latest and sophisticated design techniques and makes extensive use of modern computer software for the preparation of bills of quantities, contract documents, cad design, scheduling, cross and long sections etc. Services of associates, specializing in different fields of Architecture, Engineering, Planning, and economics are available for supplementing the company’s expertise.
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