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Construction & Material Specifications For 23 Marla Designer House by Sultan’s

Posted by Huzaifa on November 14, 2023

1. Constructed under the Supervision of Qualified Engineers, Architects & Supervisors.

With a commitment to excellence, the house is meticulously crafted under the supervision of qualified engineers, architects, and supervisors, ensuring precision and adherence to the highest standards.

2. Composite Structure with RCC Columns, Beams & Brick Walls.

The composite structure integrates RCC columns, beams, and brick walls as load-bearing members, creating a robust foundation that balances structural integrity with architectural finesse.

3. Granular Fill for Added Foundation Strength.

Emphasizing stability, granular fill is strategically placed at the bottom, providing additional strength to the foundation.

4. Termite Proofing with NXT Coatings (10 Years Warranty).

Guarding against pests, termite proofing is executed with NXT Coatings, ensuring a durable shield with a 10-year warranty.

5. Waterproofing for All Substructures.

Addressing the importance of water resistance, all substructures undergo thorough waterproofing, enhancing the longevity of the dwelling.

6. Fazal Steel (Grade 40) for Structural Integrity.

The house stands on the pillars of structural strength, utilizing Fazal Steel of Grade 40 to ensure resilience and durability.

7. Quality Building Materials: Bestway Cement, Margalla Crush & Lawrencepur Sand.

Building on a foundation of quality, Bestway Cement, Margalla Crush, and Lawrencepur Sand are meticulously chosen for concrete works, ensuring enduring strength.

8. Ghazi Sand for Plastering Works.

The choice of Ghazi Sand for plastering works reflects a commitment to quality finishes and aesthetic appeal.

9. Structure Done with Plywood Shuttering.

The structural elements are meticulously executed using plywood shuttering, a technique that combines precision with efficiency.

10. Adamjee Conduits for Slabs, Walls & Floors.

Ensuring electrical integrity, Adamjee Conduits are employed for slabs, walls, and floors, creating a seamless and safe electrical network.

11. Pakistan Cables for All Wirings.

Prioritizing safety and reliability, Pakistan Cables are chosen for all wirings, ensuring a secure electrical infrastructure.

12. POP Ceiling Across All Areas.

The artistic touch of POP ceilings enhances the aesthetic appeal across all living spaces, creating a cohesive and sophisticated ambiance.

13. Imported Tiles (750 x 1500 mm) with AAA Grade for Flooring.

Underfoot luxury is achieved with imported tiles of 750 x 1500 mm dimensions, boasting AAA Grade and full-body porcelain composition.

14. Spanish & Chinese Import Tiles (AAA Grade) for Washrooms.

Elevating the washroom experience, Spanish and Chinese import tiles, both AAA Grade, grace the interiors.

15. Pak Altech Aluminium (1.6 mm Thick) with 5mm Thick Ghani Glass for Windows.

Balancing durability and aesthetics, Pak Altech Aluminium of 1.6 mm thickness, paired with 5mm thick Ghani Glass, is employed for windows.

16. Imported Glass of Different Thickness for Other Areas.

Varied glass thicknesses from imported sources are strategically used in different areas, adding a touch of sophistication and functionality.

17. Solid Doors of Ashwood for Main External Entrances.

The grandeur of main entrances is accentuated with solid doors crafted from Ashwood, providing a blend of strength and elegance.

18. Engineered Doors (2-Inch Thickness) with Ashwood for Internal Doors.

Internal doors boast engineering finesse, featuring a 2-inch thickness and a top layer of Ashwood, combining aesthetics with durability.

19. Ashwood Wardrobe Doors.

Wardrobe doors, in harmony with the overall design, are crafted from Ashwood, ensuring a consistent and elegant interior theme.

20. Kitchen Cabinet Doors in a Combination of High & Super Gloss.

The heart of the home, the kitchen, features cabinet doors that seamlessly blend high and super gloss finishes, creating a modern and stylish culinary space.

21. Beautifully Designed Media Walls in Both Lounges.

Catering to modern lifestyles, both lounges feature media walls that are not just functional but also aesthetically pleasing, enhancing the overall living experience.

22. Wallpapers for Added Aesthetic Appeal in All Rooms.

Adding a touch of personalization, wallpapers are thoughtfully used in all rooms, aligning with the creative vision of the architect.

23. Wooden Floors for Drawing and Dining on Ground Floor.

The ground floor exudes warmth with the inclusion of wooden floors in the drawing and dining areas, creating a luxurious and inviting space.

24. Switches & Sockets by Philips.

Electrical components are sourced from trusted brands, with switches and sockets supplied by Philips, ensuring reliability and safety.

25. Wall Hanging Seats with Concealed Tanks in All Washrooms.

Innovative design is showcased in the washrooms, where wall hanging seats with concealed tanks contribute to a seamless and modern aesthetic.

26. Corian Used for All Vanity Tops.

Embracing contemporary luxury, Corian is chosen for all vanity tops, adding a touch of sophistication to the bathrooms.

27. Concealed Tanks by NSK (Turkish Brand).

The Turkish brand NSK supplies concealed tanks, combining functionality with a touch of international flair.

28. Seats & Wash Basins by Marachi.

Reflecting a commitment to quality, seats and wash basins by Marachi, a renowned Chinese brand, adorn the washrooms.

29. Shower & Accessories Sets by GROHE.

Elevating the bathing experience, GROHE provides shower and accessory sets, ensuring a blend of style and functionality.

30. Kitchen Sinks: Chinese Handmade.

The heart of culinary endeavors, the kitchen, features Chinese handmade sinks, combining craftsmanship with practicality.

31. Hood, Microwave & Baking Ovens, Burners by Glam Gas & Snifz.

Appliances in the kitchen, including the hood, microwave, baking ovens, and burners, are sourced from Glam Gas and Snifz, brands known for reliability and innovation.

32. Hi-Resolution Cameras for Security Synchronized with Bahria.

Emphasizing security, the house is equipped with hi-resolution cameras strategically placed for comprehensive coverage. The security system is seamlessly synchronized with Bahria, ensuring a robust safety infrastructure.


In every inch and detail, Sultan’s 23 Marla Designer House stands as a testament to the marriage of architectural prowess and uncompromising quality. From the grandeur of its plot layout to the thoughtfulness of its material choices, this residence isn’t just a house; it’s a symphony of design, innovation, and comfort. It’s a home where every element is a brushstroke on the canvas of luxury living, where craftsmanship meets creativity, and where the dreams of a perfect abode come to life. Sultan’s has not just built a house; they’ve crafted an experience that transcends the ordinary and sets new standards in luxury living.

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